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Cancellation & Refund Policy

Generally, GO BY FABRIFEST is committed to delivering the products correctly that you ordered. Even then, due to various environmental conditions, wrong products or defective products may go. The probability of which is very few. If any such issue occurs, we resolve it quickly.


Reason for return:

  • If we have sent the wrong product.
  • Any damaged products.
  • If the size is wrong from your side (Note: You cannot return if the size matches the memo. But you can change it by contacting customer care.)


Reasons for Exchange:

  • When you get the product in hand, you can try it on and see if it's getting smaller or bigger, then you can make changes.
  • Received the product but you didn't like it. Then you can change with another product. (Note: No money will be returned.)
  • After receiving the product, if you see a problem, you can change it.


Requirements for Exchange and Return:

  • The tag of the product cannot be torn.
  • No exchange or return after use or washing in any way
  • The product must be intact.
  • If there is an order id or memo number then it is better.


How to return:

  • Contact our customer care (e-mail), (mobile/WhatsApp number), (website link). The problem will be solved very quickly.


Refund Policy:

  • You paid us but returned within 7 days of ordering. You will not receive a refund until your product has been received by us.
  • Of course, after deducting delivery charges, return charges (if any), and COD charges (if any) the remaining amount will be refunded.
  • If you pay twice due to a technical error, you will get a refund of the extra payment.
  • If you do not get the money back within 7 days after making a claim, please contact our customer care. We will find out the reason very soon and settle the matter.